Native American Art


How we began...

My daughter, Nneka, wanted to start a business that expressed our love of Native American art and culture. Nneka's an incredible beadworker and I'm so proud of her work. I was excited about the idea of teaming up so The Laughing Coyote was born.

The name "Laughing Coyote" was inspired by our admiration for coyotes ability to teach us "not to take life too seriously". We strive to keep the fun in everything we do, be creative and laugh, laugh, laugh.

Our logo is a symbol of our mother/ daughter relationship. It reminds us to always find the humor in things and to never forget the childlike side of ourselves. And there's a bit of mischief there too- in the little "trickster" of a smile... but it's all good. Hee Hee. ~Denise Gibbs

"We love creating new things from traditional styles.

It's the traditional that inspires us and sets the foundation.

And it's the contemporary that keeps us moving forward -

 changing with the spontaneity of life.

We must love what we do and have fun doing it.

That's our motto."

Denise Gibbs & Nneka Fells

About us...

Denise Gibbs

I worked as a graphic designer for more than 15 years in the advertising industry. Then, I freelanced for several more years after that. When computer graphics became the standard, I found myself caught in a time-warp. I had a lot of experience and nowhere to use it-that is unless I was a computer whiz. After many years and many life changes, I found myself working in the healthcare field (major left-turn) and going back to school to major in psychology. Anyway, the desire to be creative never goes away. So, when my daughter (Nneka) approached me about starting a business creating the things we love- I was in.

"I love making traditional style dreamcatchers-no rainbow webs for me. I'm inspired by the "old way" they were done, and then, I add a "little bit" of my own creative touch."

Pleasant Dreams!

​Denise Gibbs

Nneka Kellam

I went to Penn State University and majored in Biology with Genetic Development Option. I guess you can tell that I love science. Still, I had a yearning to use my artistic skills and express my Native culture. I developed a love for beadwork and realized that I had a particular style of my own.

I love traditional styles and use this as a basis for all of my designs. I'm drawn to Plains styles, so you'll see this theme occurring in most of my work. I'm committed to producing high quality pieces, one bead at a time. That's right, I'm careful about picking each bead- making sure it's the right size and color to make the item look as smooth as possible. And I wouldn't do it any other way. I hope you enjoy my pieces.

"Beadwork is a passion of mine.

I love bringing traditional designs and colors

to the forefront of all my pieces

with a touch of my own unique style."

Nneka Fells

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